Host of the Raven.

Campaign is concluded with the Death of Orcus.

This campaign originated as two friends and a myself getting together to try this new thing called D&D 4E. None of the Original characters who ventured out of Fallcrest in the PoL generic D&D 4E setting are in the Current group.

This campaign has last about a year now, the PC’s are almost to the Epic tier and it’s been a blast. The players have experienced death of fellow characters, some more then once (points to Freexenon) and they have accomplished some truly epic battles including a tabletop mass combat between the Free Armies of Galinost and a Tiefling/Demon/Undead Army and had to use skill to beat down a numerically superior force.

Good times guys let’s bring it on home with the eventual confrontation with Orcus himself!

Death s throne

Host of the Raven Queen

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